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Businesses today face a growing list of Emissions Leglislations like the EU-CBAM and the USA Clean Competion Act. Non-compliance attracts penalties in fines, being squeezed out of the market to even being charged with fraud.

Our Mission therefore is to provide digitalised, tamperproof measurement solutions across the whole Life Cycle of a product to meet Sustainability challanges of Manufacturers Logistic Companies and Waste and Recycling Management.

To achieve this, we have invested our decades of experiences to develop the AI Expert System that automates Manufacturing Carbon Measurements. Then we responded to the 2022 EU-Eureka ITEA-4 Call and successfully formed an international consortium to digitalize a unified way to measure Scopes 1,2 and 3 (cat4/5) in a standardized unified manner.

Together with you, may we all play our parts to keep our skies blue, the air clean and waters pure.

Manufacturing Emissions

Logistics Emissions

Waste / Recycling Emissions

Our Products The Functions Availability, Setup time Min Data Required For Implementation Technology AI-enabled, Adaptable Pricing Guide
(1)SmartCost Real-time Product Cost reporting
Pareto of Problems at machine levels
Provide ROI potential of problems
Tips on tools forsolving problems.
2-4 weeks setup time
All Production data are digitalised in MES/ERP Can recognize new products machines, processes without Software re-programming.
Its database grows with your business.
Upgradable between all products.
Quotes upon Enquiry
1-time Setup Fee
Yearly Subscription Fee
Yearly maintenance fees includes software updates for the latest carbon legislation changes or new laws.
(2)SmartProcess Same as SmartCost above plus
Differentiate wastes of energy (Green/Brown)
Different wastes of materials (Green/Brown)
4-8 weeks setup time
Same as SmartCost Plus Brown energy & Mat'ls identified.
(3)SmartCarbon Reports Scope1,2 Product Carbon Footprint
Shows the emissions at each product/machine
For Green Investments, shows the emissions reduction
3-6 mths setup time
Same as SmartProcess Plus Efs of country.
EU-Eureka ITEA endorsed and developed with EU countries under ITEA Technical Committee monitoring.
Same as SmartCarbon above plus
Scope 3 Cat 4 Incoming and outgoing freight footprint
Scope 3 Cat 5 Waste & Recycling Management footprint
Footprint details registered in DPP (Digital Product Passport)
End 2025 MMP ver
EU-Eureka-ver end 2026
Same as SmartCarbon Plus Freight & Waste Management from your vendors.
Note - If your export to EU/USA, your Products' Carbon footprint must be supplied. Non-compliance attracts fines/penalties

EU-endorsed Solutions for

  • Immediate available Manufacturing Scopes 1, 2 with 3-mth setup time.
  • Eu Product Roadmap Scopes 1, 2, 3 cat 4/5, DPP (MVP-2024, MMP-2025, MMR-2026)

Singapore sub-Consortium Leading An International Consortium on Sustainability Measurement Project.

All 16 partners after 9 months of Project documentation and preparations have applied to their own countries' National Funding agencies for project funding. The Kick-off date is expected to be in Febrary 2024. A Project Co-operation Agreement will be signed once the Consortium starts its collaboration work.

Contimuing Education For Members of the Institute of Engineers, Singapore.

A 3-hour talk to members of the Institute of Engineers was conducted to update them of new technological innovations taking place in the area of Sustainbility Legislations and Carbon measurement technologies.
Feedback was very good as this is an area that is fast moving and affects every industry.

2021 SICC Award For Best Technological Collaboration Award.

LeanCost collaborated with SMT Technology Pte Ltd to deploy a real-time Product Costing and Management software. It monitors product costs in real-time besides pointing out areas for cost reduction.
See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEDwBBo2iSk&t=23s&ab_channel=SingaporeInternationalChamberofCommerce


We are proud to be selected to be amongst the Top 100 SMES in a global pitch competition of 3,000 global SMEs and Startups.


Production Equipment that can display Product Carbon Footprints in real-time - WOW. Yes, we are embarking on a PoC to do just that.

In the light of the new Green Consumer consciousness and legislations, both in the EU and US, this contribution should attract much interest from manufacturers. Look out for more news updates in the coming month !!!

Carbon footprint of a Whole Equipment or Plant is relatively easy - but its a different story when the Plant's Carbon Footprint is to be correctly and automatically calculated by Products & by Processes. We have the AI-Expert System Technology to do that easily. Dated - 5 April 2024

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Join us for a greener world.

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